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These chapters were very interesting, in particular the art work. There are a few pieces that really stood out, at least for me.  The D-tower is a great piece art work. It is hard to believe that it was created by using computers, through using CNC milling. It stands out just by sheer size alone, and also how it is designed, it looks like something right out of George Lucas’s Stars Wars movies.  To tell you the truth, I can care less about the whole emotion thing that it is supposed to do, but none the less, it stills a great looking piece of art.

            The next piece of art I would like to talk about, is AVATARA: Portrait of VanGo at Baby’s Pool. I love this piece and what it represents. I really looks like what video’s games are about to go into, a total 3-D environment. This piece was done in 2003, and would be considered ancient, by today’s standards, but it is a great piece, because what it represents. This piece show where this medium is heading and the coolest part about this piece, is that it can comment on the topics Community, Identity, Art, War, and Loss. This is just a great piece of art.

            Some of the other artists in the book that really caught my eye were Eva and Franco Mattes work really stands out, because it is what is being done today. Their Annoying Japanese Child Dinosaur is a beautiful piece that really stands out. It really looks like some out of the Final Fantasy video game. It is not a perfect rendering, but to have the skill to do something like this without using some sort of high powered computer that maybe Pixar has, is simply amazing. I like how they try to show the individual strands of hair is pretty damn cool. It really shows that this piece really has some texture. The background is really simple, but in the since that it is just a plain white background, you see floor tile, furniture, walls, and even a toy bunny rabbit. I love the expression of the characters face, she seems to be coming off like a sweet little girl, but she is up to something. I really love this piece, just because the work that went into it, plus this would be so cool to do.

            Feng Mengbo’s Q4U, 2002 is a video game, how cool is that. This is piece is just what I am talking about. This is what gaming, in any form, is heading. Some of today’s games are so life like, you really feel like you are there. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looks like one of the coolest games that I have seen in a long time (though I will wait for it to come down in price). Mengbo’s Q4U maybe a little crude by today’s standards, but you sure can get the just of where he came up with it from. It really has that Resident Evil feel to it, but his character seems to be running around with a video camera. Still this is one of my favorites in the book.


 All source material comes from: Christiane Paul DIGITAL ART 2nd Edition: Thames & Hudson Word of Art.


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