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Monthly Archives: November 2009

These chapters were very interesting, in particular the art work. There are a few pieces that really stood out, at least for me.  The D-tower is a great piece art work. It is hard to believe that it was created by using computers, through using CNC milling. It stands out just by sheer size alone, and also how it is designed, it looks like something right out of George Lucas’s Stars Wars movies.  To tell you the truth, I can care less about the whole emotion thing that it is supposed to do, but none the less, it stills a great looking piece of art.

            The next piece of art I would like to talk about, is AVATARA: Portrait of VanGo at Baby’s Pool. I love this piece and what it represents. I really looks like what video’s games are about to go into, a total 3-D environment. This piece was done in 2003, and would be considered ancient, by today’s standards, but it is a great piece, because what it represents. This piece show where this medium is heading and the coolest part about this piece, is that it can comment on the topics Community, Identity, Art, War, and Loss. This is just a great piece of art.

            Some of the other artists in the book that really caught my eye were Eva and Franco Mattes work really stands out, because it is what is being done today. Their Annoying Japanese Child Dinosaur is a beautiful piece that really stands out. It really looks like some out of the Final Fantasy video game. It is not a perfect rendering, but to have the skill to do something like this without using some sort of high powered computer that maybe Pixar has, is simply amazing. I like how they try to show the individual strands of hair is pretty damn cool. It really shows that this piece really has some texture. The background is really simple, but in the since that it is just a plain white background, you see floor tile, furniture, walls, and even a toy bunny rabbit. I love the expression of the characters face, she seems to be coming off like a sweet little girl, but she is up to something. I really love this piece, just because the work that went into it, plus this would be so cool to do.

            Feng Mengbo’s Q4U, 2002 is a video game, how cool is that. This is piece is just what I am talking about. This is what gaming, in any form, is heading. Some of today’s games are so life like, you really feel like you are there. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looks like one of the coolest games that I have seen in a long time (though I will wait for it to come down in price). Mengbo’s Q4U maybe a little crude by today’s standards, but you sure can get the just of where he came up with it from. It really has that Resident Evil feel to it, but his character seems to be running around with a video camera. Still this is one of my favorites in the book.


 All source material comes from: Christiane Paul DIGITAL ART 2nd Edition: Thames & Hudson Word of Art.


Todd McFarlane is a comic book artist that changed how comics are drawn today. His big break came in 1984 when he got an offer from Marvel/Epic Comics to do a back up story in The Comic called Coyote. The penciling job was for a character called Scorpio Rose (1). This is where it started for Todd, and unbenounced to him, this is where he would changed the comic game forever. He later left Marvel and took up penciling chores for DC Comics drawing All Star Squadron and Infinity INC. In 1987 he decided to head back over to Marvel Comics and started work on the Incredible Hulk. His first issue he drew was The Incredible Hulk number 330. That’s when everyone kind of noticed him and his work. I will say that even though it was his first outing on a major Marvel book, I have to say that his work did not shine as brilliantly as it should, because it seemed that some of the detail was left out during the inking process. I know this, because when I started to read the Incredible Hulk, I started with issue Incredible Hulk 345, and the artwork in that book was very different from his first issue. He had some major success with The Incredible Hulk; some of his most successful issues were Incredible Hulk 332- Dance with the Devil, 336- X-Tremes, 337- Crossroads (these two issues were the cross over with X-Factor), 340- Vicious Circle (Probably his most iconic issue of his run on the Incredible Hulk, The Grey Hulk verses Wolverine of the X-Men, What really made this issue stand out was the cover), and lastly issue 345- Closing Curtain, This issue has some of his best artwork in his run on the Incredible Hulk, plus another great cover. Between his run on The Hulk, he also had a run on DC Comic’s Batman- Year two, where he did a cover of Batman that was so kick ass. Issue 423 is one of his best covers he has ever done, I love how he takes Batman’s cape and has it flow all over the cover as if it was alive, it was done masterfully.
Now when I was a teenager, It always seem that I was always behind when it came to the next hottest thing in comics, because I came in late again when Todd started his run on Marvel’s flag ship book Amazing Spider-Man. His first issue was 298 which debut in 1988; this was big because he along with writer David Michelinie, created one Spider-Man’s most deadly foes ever, Venom. This was awesome because it seem like he learned from the Incredible Hulk into Spider-Man and added even more detail to his work and made it incredible. In truth this where Todd McFarlane changed the creative aspect in comics forever, his artwork set the bar extremely high for all those who followed him. The way he drew Spider-Man had never been done before, when Peter Parker put on his costume, Todd drew Spider-Man almost spider like in the poses he put him in. He exaggerated everything, from Spider-Man’s mask to his webs lines. He simply made the book awesome to read. Todd’s run on Amazing Spider-Man Lasted two years and twenty-eight issues later, Todd wanted to draw his own comic book character, but Marvel realized how popular Todd had become, and offered him his own Spider-Man book, where he could write and draw and have full creative control over the book (there was some cash thrown his way also). Marvel was not stupid; they knew they had a gold mine working for them, and Todd had amassed a large following that they did not want to lose. So in 1990, Todd debut Spider-Man, this book was very successful due in large part, that Marvel made different covers of this book. One was the regular or color cover edition, the other was black and silver, and the second printing was gold, Spider-Man went on to sell 2.5 million copies (2), and went to be the top selling comic book of that year, all I can say is, Todd can sell comic books. His run on Spider-Man lasted 15 issues, and in 1991, Todd left Marvel along with six other top selling artist and form their creator own Comic Book Company called Image.
Now that he was in control, with no editors telling him what he could and could not do, Todd created the character Spawn nearly ten years before he debut him in 1992. Spawn #1 was a success; it became the highest grossing independent comic book in 1992, with 1.7 million copies sold (3). This was just the beginning for Todd, and his crew. Spawn #1 is the book that built an empire, an empire that consists of a toy company, video games, animated series, and a movie(4).
McFarlane Toy Company has made Todd a very wealthy man. His company acquired many toy licenses for many big time studios, such as; Shriek, X-Files, Spawn, and many other, but he also landed sporting contract with the NFL, NBA, NHL, and for Professional Baseball. Todd has been away from comic books for a long time, but has recently he took up the writing chores of Spawn again, and rebooted to entire book, and has drawn a few covers for the book as well as taking on inking duties. He has also has taking on another project called the Haunt, he is the co-creator of the book, and is doing the inking on that book, as well as drawing covers. After his long break, it is good to see Todd McFarlane doing what he does best, and that is drawing comics.


This is Todd McFarlane!

Todd McFarlane

This is his Artwork!!


Well I am really starting to like where this digital art class is taking me. I really getting into this whole thing. This is my 14 second video clip, which really come in at 15 seconds. I tried to cut it down a little more, but it just did not have what I was looking for. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. I was leaning towards more of an animated clip, but it was hard to come up with a concept that could brig all the clips I had gathered. I finally came up with a concept based on a song I heard on the radio, and a clip of Optimus Prime from Transformers, and put them together. Now that sounds easy when I write it down, but it was no small endeavor, but with Matt’s (digital art professor) help, I got what I wanted and I think it turn out pretty good. I want to do a longer one, but that may mean that I have to look for or buy a program in order to play with it a little more. Thanks for taking the time. Enjoy!