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Monthly Archives: October 2009


With this project, I tried to take on a familiar element, and try to do them different. I did try to tie all my pieces together with the Photoshop’s overlay option. The seven pieces can all stand on their own, but they all work well together, as the Gestalt psychology dictates- it is the theory that explains the psychological phenomena by their relationships to total forms, Gestalen, rather than by their parts. This was another fun project, and to be honest, I am starting to get a better understanding on Photoshop, and the different elements that go along with the program. In truth, I wish we would just have a class that concentrated just on Photoshop. That would be cool.


1- Original done by Dale Keown.

2, 5- BumbleBee and Optimus Prime are Trademarks of Hasbro.

3-Don’t remember where I got this from.

4, 6, 7- Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman are the  trademarks of Marvel.


Rulk-2I really like this image. Stayed up to 1am doing this image.

Cowboy's HulkHere is my favorite Comic book Character and my Favorite Football Team…..I know we need the help!!

Optimus Prime and Magnus

I am trying new things, Here is some Transformers I put together.

Hulk Invert


Still messing with Photo Shop.